To Buy crypto through P2P please follow the below steps: 

  1. Click on “Buy Crypto”: (top of the screen)

  1. Go to “My advertising” and publish an Ad.

  1.  Choose crypto > Buy > Choose Currency > Add available amount > Choose Pricing method > Set maximum and minimum transaction limit > Set time limit for Payment > Set transaction limit > Set Failure time for the transaction > Choose the preferred payment method > Publish AD.

  1. Once your AD is placed you will get the following confirmation: 

  2. To check updates on your Buy request: Go to “Buy Crypto”> “My Advertisement”> “Sell Ads”

  1. When anyone shows interest to Buy your Crypto, you will get a notification on the “P2P order” tab

  1. Click on the order number to complete the transaction.

  1. Once you click on Buy Now, the seller will be notified of your intent to purchase: 

  1. Once you click on Buy Now, you will be guided to a page with the Sellers FIAT info to which you will have to transfer funds.

  1. Copy the details on the Confirm the payment window, Go to your banking portal/ FIAT Application and make the necessary payments.

  1. Once your confirmation is given to the seller, they will be able to release payments for that particular transaction.

*please follow up with the Seller for payment confirmation and releasing of the crypto assets.*In case you do not receive the payment within 24 hours, please raise an appeal/ Submit a complaint.