Please be extra cautious while doing any Crypto transactions, Follow the below practices to be safe from scammers.

  1. Make sure that the Payment method setup by you is correct, Scallop exchange has no way of verifying FIAT accounts currently.

  2. Make sure when “Selling”: that you have received the FIAT transfer and confirm it with the Bank, before you transfer the Crypto asset.

  3. Verified KYC is mandatory to make P2P transactions.

  4. Making changes to the account’s security information (account password, email, Phone number, Google authenticator and/or Trade password)  will block transactions for 48 Hours.

  5. Before transferring the FIAT funds, Make sure you have the relevant details of your is available on the Real name info section.

  6. Make sure you use the information listed on the transaction page to do transfers, do not use unknown or unapproved information.

  7. Please do not share more information than necessary with anyone online. Protect your Digital Identity.

  8. If you notice anything suspicious or feel someone is not being truthful please reach out to support immediately.