It's recommended that you periodically perform a full security scan on your computer.

We’ve listed two suggested methods below that will help to protect and secure your system:

1. Every time you browse or log in to your account, we recommend using Security Mode or incognito/private tab without any browser plug-ins and extensions.

Chrome: new incognito window shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+N

Firefox: new private window shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P


2. Double or even triple-check the withdrawal/deposit address that you’re using on your Scallop Exchange account. Make sure to always put a valid withdrawal/deposit address in a safe place, such as a notepad, then copy/paste it to the browser from there. Finally, check the consistency of the address between the one in notepad and the one that you’ve pasted in the browser window.
If you find any sort of inconsistencies between addresses, it's possible that the computer or mobile phone has already been infected by a Trojan or virus(es). You can find some helpful suggestions below:
  • Install anti-virus software to scan/kill Trojans and viruses as soon as possible;
  • Disable plug-in/extensions in the browser, uninstall unknown software from your computer;
  • In extreme situations, you might need to format the disk and reinstall the OS on the computer to get rid of viruses;
  • Seek help from information security experts.